• 10'x10' Single Booth Space
  • Incudes 8' drape backdrop and two 3' side rails with drape to define your space
  • Handmade vendors only; items for sale in this type of booth must be handmade by the booth renter and not have a brick and mortar store
  • This booth category is for merchants who make handmade items 
  • Please contact villagemarketplace3@gmail.com for approval of your application prior to submitting payment.  To be a Handmade Goods Booth, you must be pre-approved by Event Coordinator
  • Booth does NOT come with any additional items; to order tables,chairs, electricity or a dressing room,  please be sure to select them and add to your cart.  They are purchased separately and should be added if needed.  
  • Juried Event, please apply for approval prior to paying. 

Handmade Goods/Artisan Booth